SP United Brotherhood Fastec Model

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Description du SP United Brotherhood Fastec Model :
brotherhood SP’s tribute to our ever growing brotherhood. Back in black or in refined white - featuring our special custom 20 year SP logo pattern fabric. This year you can choose your brotherhood in the classic strap-in version or as a new FASTEC model – also available in both colorways. Mad props to all the brothers out there!
(Fournie par SP United)
2009 hommes Coque
Prix recommandé.
199 €  
/ 325 CHF

Construction / Technologie fastec model auto RS • 2c highback lever • aluminium parts • manual strap opener • fwd.lean 0-12° • quickscrews • 3d stitched straps • 3d molded ergonomic highback pad • all-over disc cover • sm US 5-9 | ml US 8-14 RIGIDITY 8 Disque cover Oui Back-in Oui BASE_MATERIAL PLASTIC tailles 4 STRAP_TYPE capstrap

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