The Nixon JibFest Episode 2

The second episode of Nixon’s behind-the-scenes series of the 2011 JibFest is now available to watch on’s Powder & Rails. The show takes a look back at the history of jibbing and Nixon’s JibFest, an event created in 2000 by original team riders and jib pioneers JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Dave Downing.

Episode two gets nostalgic with stories from the events creators and original attendees as they talk through the early years of JibFest and what made it rad then and what makes it more rad now. Features from the first years of JibFest were modified, updated and brought back for the 2011 event. The circle rail from the 2002 JibFest was made bigger and the S-rail had another section welded onto it, which kept the aesthetic of the past intact while progressing forward. Pro snowboarding legend Brian Thein, one of the invitees to the OG JibFest, was also flown in to keep the 2011 event classic. Watch as Brian straps in and rides with the rest of the crew like no time had passed at all. JP tells us what the heck that slippery stuff on the fun boxes and ledges is made out of and how Chris "Gunny" Gunnarson was responsible for finding the material and making all their fun box dreams come true.

Watch it all here now:​jibfest.

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