Snow White & the 7 Toothbrushes

7 sketchy ass dudes one equally as sketchy chica from Holland make up the crew for the latest Rusty Toothbrush edit, Snow White and the 7 Toothbrushes coming straight out of the DC Shoes Chalet in Meribel France.
Unfortunately due to a lack of snow we were unable to rebate our never ending chalet lap from “Mess Up Meribel 2.0” but on the upside the amazing crew from DC AREA43 found us a compromise by helping build alternative lines all over Meribel.
plus... We build ourself our own private snowpark complete with ropetow using a our winch, a foam roller, a couple planks of wood and about 200meters of twine... that’s gotta be an NBD

Isabella Groeenstein, Jack Errichiello, Alex Stewart, Cam Graham, Massimo Gulli, Troy Tanner, JJ Rayward
Brad Smith, Francesco Zoppei
Snow White & the 7 Toothbrushes - DJ Wonka, Jack Bassford

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