Best of Halfpipe | World Rookie Finals 2019 - Kitzsteinhorn (AUT)

Ruki Tomita from Japan won the prestigious title of Halfpipe World Rookie Girl Champion thanks to her run composed by technical and creative tricks: frontside air indy, backside 540 mute, frontside 720 indy, cab 720 indy, backside 540 mute. Ruki was followed by Leilani Ettel (GER) and Berenice Wicki (SUI). In the grom girls category, Mitsuki Ono from Japan conquered the highest spot of the podium and showed an amazing run: backside air, frontside 720 indy, cab 720, frontside 540 Melon. Isabelle Lotscher (SUI) won the second place and Telma Sarkipaju (FIN) the third one. Regarding the rookie boys category, also this year the level of the competition was vey high and judges could already see the future stars of snowboarding. At the end of the day the Black Yeti crowned the new Halfpipe Rookie Boy Champion: Joonsik Lee. The japanese impressed the public with his unique style and showed everybody a huge frontisde 1260 tailgrab, crippler 540, frontside 1080 melon, cab double 1080 indy. The podium was completed by Raio Kuchisubo (JPN) and Elias Gian Allenspach. Raio will join a Rookie Shooting in Les 2 Alpes together with Leilani Ettel (GER). Shuichiro Shigeno (JPN) gained the highest score and dominated the grom boys category. He performed a perfect run made of frontside 1080 tailgrab, cab 1080 mute, frontside 1260 tailgrab, backside 960. Valentino Guseli from Australia arrived second and Jonas Hasler from Switzerland third.


Girls – Rookie:
1. Ruki Tomita (JPN)
2. Leilani Ettel (GER)
3. Berenice Wicki (SUI)

Girls – Grom:
1. Mitsuki Ono (JPN)
2. Isabelle Lotscher (SUI)
3. Telma Sarkipaju (FIN)

Boys – Rookie:
1. Joonsik Lee (JPN)
2. Raio Kuchisubo (JPN)
3. Elias Gian Allenspach (SUI)

Boys – Grom:
1. Shuichiro Shigeno (JPN)
2. Valentino Guseli (AUS)
3. Jonas Hasler (SUI)

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