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Description du Imperium Elvira Ionita Series TC :
Dédiées aux dames qui veulent rider avec classe! Les boards "Elvira Series " sont belles, sincères, pures et inspirantes, tout comme les femmes qui les utilisent! Cambre traditionnel All Mountain Freestyle doux, construction WDT, carres plus épaisses pour plus de contrôle.
(Fournie par Imperium)
TECHNOLOGIE : Fibres de verre Biax;WDT Hybrid Core (Wood Derivative Technology);Semelle extrudée 1320 ;

Prix recommandé.
349 €  
Type. All Mountain Freestyle Niveau. débutant/intermédiaire
Tailles. 149. CM 152. Rayon de courbe. 6.81m Stance de référence. 540 mm Carre effective. 113 cm



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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Which path, will you take? I don't think I can resnpod to that in any other way than a girly sqweee XD! because it was so epic.Totally feel you on the time-crunchin'! I actually have had a bright idea for once and am tinkering with a plan that I can easily edit on the PC instead of planning, measuring, drawing, sewing, etc all by hand. Doing it on the computer is both saving a lot of time, and allowing me to tinker with ideas I wouldn't normally as it would take gobs of weeks to complete XDBest of luck on your designs, and keep with it bud! We can beat ourselves up on our art, but once you get to the point of knowing you made a fine piece you can be proud of, you can easily print it out and frame it on your wall. Think positive!

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